Tuesday, April 10, 2012

User Disappears After Posting Image of Bigfoot On Reddit.com





BBC News, Brian Wheeler Goes Bigfooting With Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters





Finding Bigfoot Producer Reportedly Catches Rare Glimpse of Elusive Black Panther In Michigan





Bigfoot Evidence passes along a short video clip purportedly showing "Bigfoot" moving along the shoreline a good distance from the cameraman. The blobsquatch is framed conveniently in the middle of the video and there's even a Bigfoot scream off in the distance to lend to the creepy atmosphere. There's really nothing we haven't seen before except this video introduces a new element: fog. This could be Bigfoot...but it could also very easily turn out to be Jason stalking the shores of Crystal Lake. We give it 50/50 odds. As is almost always the case with Bigfoot evidence, the background of the famous Shipton cast is confusing and murky and filled with misidentification and errors like this: Shipton Yeti Created Cast: Keel's Misstatement. Loren Coleman sorts it all out in a detailed timeline in A Short History of the Shipton Snowman Track Photographs and the Tchernezky Cast. The Shipton photographs from 1951 are especially impressive and a genuine pleasure to see. 

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