Monday, February 20, 2012

Bigfoot Hunters Book Is FREE for Presidents' Day!

This Is Why We Can't Find Bigfoot Bones

Dale A. Drinnon notes the resemblance between a witness sketch of the "Abominable Snowman," or Yeti, from The Long Walk and a photo of a Bornean orangutan with broad cheek pads. He notes that most reports of the Yeti speak of it as being "only" about the size of an ordinary orangutan, though people often, but wrongly, assume it is a gigantic creature. And speaking of which, Loren Coleman finds that Sunday was the perfect day to say: Happy Birthday, The Abominable Snowmen’s Eric Norman!? Eric Norman, of course, is a pen name for Brad Steiger, the incredibly prolific author of pararnormal, UFO, and fortean books who was born on on February 19, 1936. In other cryptid news, Another 'big cat' spotted in Gloucestershire by a woman and her dog. The news comes after the Countryside and Community Research Institute, based at the University of Gloucestershire, announced it was planning a survey to find out more about the phenomenon. We also have a very detailed Analysis of the Peter MacNab Photograph taken of a "Nessie" on a balmy summer day in 1955. It could be argued that after the Surgeon's Photograph, this is the second most iconic picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

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