Friday, February 24, 2012

Sierra Kills Update: Bigfoot Steak From Both Father And Child Being Used In Ketchum DNA Study

Extremely Boring Video By Henry May Shows Bigfoot Costume Similar To One Released By Melissa Hovey

Not To Be Outdone By Melissa Hovey, TeamTazerBigfoot Planning To Release New Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

A little under two weeks ago, two men near Eugene, Oregon came upon a unique discovery: over 120 telling footprints in the clay-mix substrate, which may have been made on February 11 but not discovered until a day later. Two separate measurements were taken; the length of the print and the length of the stride. But are the "Bigfoot" prints a little too flawless to be true? Likewise The Clearest Photo Of Bigfoot Since Patterson-Gimlin Released By Melissa Hovey? is just a little too clear of the backside of a Bigfoot to be believed, especially for a trail cam photo. And we are not alone in our doubts: A Photo Is Not Worth A Thousand Words. So we’d better just move along to the New Flying Manta Ray Sighting seen roughly 1/10 of a mile from the local airport in Lynchburg, Virginia. Though it appeared featherless, it also had no tail, as a stingray normally would. It seemingly did nothing more than swoop in front of a windshield and vanish into the dark of the night. Sightings of this strange creature have been reported on a stretch from KY to NY. Finally, we have an Extremely rare whale filmed for the first time ever off the coast of Australia recently. The Shepherd’s Beaked Whale (or, the Tasman Beaked Whale) is so rare that it has only been spotted a minute amount of times; it’s known mostly from dead specimens that have washed into view. And an update on a prior story reveals that Destination: Truth Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police. Even when it comes to ordinary matters, the truth is hard to find.

Jeff Rice Murdered: New Theory

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