Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Proof of Evidence Seminar 2-25-12

I watched it today, and the stream was pretty flawless. Jeff Meldrum started it off, after Wally Hersom was presented with a couple of awards by William Barnes and by Melba Ketchum in absentia. Meldrum talked about his specialty, the mid-tarsal break, tying in with the Laetoli tracks and the P/G Film tracks and his own ichnotaxonomic name Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis. Then after a lunch break, John Bindernagel gave a talk about the evidence aspect and how it applies scientifically and the implications of discovery. Two good presentations, but familiar to most of us. John Mionczynski gave perhaps the best presentation of the entire conference, talking about food sources and several different types of plant life which are indigestible to us humans but can be digested by animals such as bears and goats. He also discussed other forms of food sources such as other animals and pinenuts and also certain bark species, and made comparisons with bears and their calorific intake and Sasquatches (he has worked with bears and goats, so he is talking from experience in those areas). Then after John M. there was a short break, a short presentation by Jason Valenti about his research and the Falcon Project's goals. and a Q & A Roundtable where audience members who were present at the event and also online participants in a chatroom were able to ask questions. All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon online. The entire event gets a **** 1/2 out of *****.

Speakers' Presentations: Meldrum- *** 1/2 out of *****
Bindernagel-**** out of *****

Mionczynski-***** out of *****
Valenti-**** out of *****

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