Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Clearest Photo Of Bigfoot Since Patterson-Gimlin Released By Melissa Hovey?

Melissa Hovey To Release Bigfoot Photo At 1PM EST

While We Wait For Melissa Hovey To Release The Golden Bigfoot Photo [Humor]

San Juans Bigfoot Video

DT Producer Died Of Coke OD, Report Ugandan Police

Back in 1962 Captain G.T. Court reminisced of a large black bird bearing superficial similarities to two other birds. Now Karl Shuker's caught wind of this anomalous avian, wondering what the captain saw, and ate, so many years ago. No one has yet to flush one out or delineate its range, but leave it to Dale Drinnon who has More Abominable Maps of hairy hominins across the globe, breaking down their range according to their species. Not the least of which is the Legend of the Kentucky Yeahoh because according to Lon Strickler there are some tales in them thar hills of hairy women and the gentle Yeahoh.

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