Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Despite a dearth of physical evidence for Bigfoot, there is no worry they're going anywhere soon. This is fortunate because the first order of business for this latest and greatest invention in the pursuit of hominology will be put through its paces hunting down a suspected killer hiding in the mountains. Should luck be on our side, sasquatch may help in the apprehension. Also at Bigfoot Evidence, Damien Bravo has heard that 'Project Sasquatch' Creator Joe Mastroianni Says His Show Will Be Better Than Not 'Finding Bigfoot'. Let's hope so. Right now it's uncertain if they'll have a booth at the upcoming Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012. Craig Woolheater shares a message from Marc DeWerth about the April shindig, which is shaping up to be the biggest in recent memory. And this just in: Destination Truth Producer Killed. Producer Jeff Rice has died from poisoning in Uganda.

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