Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bigfoot Hunting Airship Developed By Falcon Project Now Funded, First Order Of Business: Hunt Down Suspected Killer Hiding In Mountains

Finding Bigfoot Co-Host Cliff Barackman to Speak in Portland

Caddy Debunked? CFZ-Canada
How can something be debunked when it has its own taxonomical name? The history of the Cadboro Bay creature shows some glaring inconsistencies in the skeptical attacks on Caddy's existence. And what's not explained are the continued sightings of the lake monster--more than 300 sightings in the last 200 years. Our next story isn't about Champ but if the Lake Champlain Emu isn't careful, she might end up as a snack. Keeping with our watery theme, Loren Coleman has More on the Mammoth Hoax. Since there isn't a body, he dissects the hoaxer's deceptive techniques. A bit more curious is Dale Drinnon's Return to The Long Walk. He wonders if sometimes having a ghostwriter is a good thing, and raises the question: Could Slawomir Rawicz have seen the two large "Snowman" creatures in Tibet in 1942, as he said he did?"

Sasquatch and Suds

Finding Bigfoot - Virginia Video Debrief

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012

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