Friday, November 04, 2011

Long-term witness interview uploaded… update on DNA study… and more

Dr. Melba Ketchum: Hang in there, "We have the proof" of Sasquatch

Matt Moneymaker: During fall and winter, Bigfoots kill deer for their liver?

Super smart Capuchin monkeys gives insight into the origin of human intelligence [VIDEO]

The Hydra of Bigfoot DNA research

Hallowe'en was only a handful of days ago and it was a doozy. Out in Pennsylvania a man spotted a bird of unusual size or someone who would've won, hands down, best costume at the ball. Lon Strickler helps put out the call for those extra eyes who can confirm this sighting and enjoin the chase. Such serious supernatural sleuths sometimes find their way into the field by horsing around, and C.R. Wagner has the story of the group behind the new website Who Forted? reviewing the premiere of their movie "Big Foot Hunter: Still Searching" in From Ghost Hunters to Big Foot. Meanwhile, Nick Redfern offers the news of a new book, just released by fellow Brit Neil Arnold, that assembles accounts of the strange creatures reported around England's storied capital, as seen in Mystery Animals of London - In Print!

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