Thursday, November 03, 2011

ADAPT THIS: It's Bigfoot vs. werewolves in Steve Niles' "Savage"
This 2009 comic pits Bigfoot against a pack of werewolves in a movie-worthy supernatural showdown! With Hollywood turning more of its attention to the world of graphic novels for inspiration, I'll cast the spotlight on a new comic book each week that ...

The latest episode of the monthly video coverage of the work, workers and wonders from the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), hosted by CFZ Director Jon Downes, is ready for airing with a number of reports on such topics as new and rediscovered creatures, an Orang Pendek witness from Sumatra and much more. And, in another programming note, Tim Binnall hosts the latest edition of his popular podcast, this time with a decidedly cryptozoological theme, to be downloaded or listened to online at BoA: Audio: Loren Coleman: An In-Depth Conversation on Cryptozoology as Binnall interviews one of the most familiar faces and voices of the Fortean science, setting the stage for an exciting new year of discovery with rapidly accumulating physical evidence that defies most skeptics. Then, if you haven't gotten enough of the very busy Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum and co-author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates with Patrick Huyghe, follow the interview by reading Coleman's take on a new report from researchers in Did Denisovan-Neandertal-Human Interbreeding Result in the Headless Valley's Nakani? Mixing folklore with hard evidence, Coleman presents a strong case for this creature's existence. Even if there may be gray at the temples of many cryptozoology researchers, fans of the search for unknown animals can take heart as cub reporter Trevor Delaney shows with the article Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?, a hopeful sign of new blood among the cryptozoology ranks. Those of you on the West Coast seeking to spark that interest may want to head up to Seattle where cryptozoology reconstruction artist Eugene Parnell's recently-opened exhibit asks Is Bigfoot Real? Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon adds more scholarship to the field with his treatise on scaly rather than hairy beasts in Some More On Oriental Dragon Development, exploring myth, reality and where they overlap.

David Paulides tells supporters to stand tall, results from Bigfoot DNA study will come

Sierra Kills driver speaks up, gives exact date of Bigfoot shooting. Describes what happened.

Todd Standing reportedly in negotiations with Les Stroud (Survivorman) to do TV show about Bigfoot

So it's true: Ancient humans mated with Neanderthals

Comment of the day: What Bigfoots probably thinks of us as human beings

A Yeti Saves the Day

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