Sunday, October 30, 2011

According to researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences, evidence keeps mounting in the mountains of Siberia that hairy homonids still claim this wilderness as their stomping grounds. Recent expeditions have returned hair samples that remain unidentified but, according to this report, are identical to specimens from California and the Russian Urals. Are Russian hominologists hot on the trail of the biggest cryptid story of the 21st century, or is the whole affair just wishful thinking? Out on the Frontiers of Zoology, Dale Drinnon discusses another kind of cryptid sample with Water Horse (Moose), Antlers Just Out Of Velvet before wading further into the murky waters of cryptozoology by poring over ancient Asian artefacts that demand closer inspection, as seen in Water Pigs and Pig-Dragons. Meanwhile, located in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi's Stennis Space Center is home to all sorts of myths, but none so enduring as reports of the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers and the state's own Sasquatch. Michael Newsom covers this Deep South mythology with Sasquatch, Rare Woodpecker Among Strange Stennis Tales. There's more on mysterious geography in tales from Massachusetts as Wicked Local and NECN trace a confluence of ley lines dubbed the "Bridgewater Triangle" by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. First Rebecca Hyman's BOO! The Tricks of the 'Bridgewater Triangle' enumerates some of the anecdotes that contribute to the area's notoriety. Then Greg Wayland puts his boots on the ground for video footage from this alleged "heart of darkness" in Greg's List: BridgewaterTriangle.

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