Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rampage: Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?
"Given the scientific evidence that I have examined, I'm convinced there's a creature out there that is yet to be identified," said Jeff Meldrum, ...

Recently, Richard Freeman and Adam Davies led an expedition to Sumatra seeking the fabled Orang Pendek with interesting results. Perhaps next time they venture to the region they can include a stopover in Borneo, especially after they read about Sam White's missive regarding a pair of soldiers who got more than they bargained for on Borneo's Mount Kinabalu. Another expedition took place last month thousands of kilometers from darkest Borneo, but also in pursuit of a wild, hairy homonid. The event is described in Igor Burtsev’s Report of the Russian Conference and Siberian Expedition Results, which Burtsev believes show promise that in the not-too-distant future attendees will be remembered as part of the vanguard of discovery of the Kemerovo Yeti.

This fear-inducing biped is probably what it feels like when you see a Bigfoot for the first time [Video]

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