Friday, November 04, 2011

Sasquatch: A lecture by Cryptozoologist Jeff Meldrum
UVU Review
When Sasquatch is discussed, it's Dr. Meldrum's name that starts circulating. After graduating with a bachelor's in zoology from Brigham Young University, Dr. Meldrum went on to earn a master's and a doctorate in anatomical science, specializing in ...
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Sporting Big Feet and a Heart to Match
New York Times
“Letters From the Big Man,” with Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (in character as a sasquatch). By DENNIS LIM IN five features over two decades Christopher Munch has cultivated a singular career on the margins of the independent film world. ...
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Episode 190:Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

In this episode, Mike gives us an update on what is going on with Bigfoot Discovery Day V.

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Moss Dog Mountain Monkey

Run Copyright 1996 Not Out of the Woods Records All Rights Reserved ... bigfoot sasquatch yeti cryptids yowie yeren rock grunge "Moss Dog" "Paul ...

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New York Times
Is Bigfoot Real? Renton Museum Explores the Myth
Parnell explores the enduring mythical creature through interactive displays that allow museum visitors to try to replicate Sasquatch tracks, share their own personal accounts of Bigfoot encounters, ask questions and make their own artistic rendering ...
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Sierra (Bigfoot) Kills: Justin Smeja and “The Driver” Speak Out
Ghost Theory
Rumor has it that several Sasquatch roam the area due to the protection afforded by the Game Refuge. As they drove along, suddenly they spotted what appeared to be a very large bear standing in the road, waving it's arms over it's head. ...
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