Saturday, November 05, 2011

We Stand for Sasquatch

Humor: Proof that the U.S. Government is open to the possibility of Bigfoot [VIDEO]

One of 2011's biggest cryptozoology stories about the Centre for Fortean Zoology-sponsored trip into the Sumatran rainforests in search of a legendary hairy biped is making its way into print from the keyboard of expedition member Richard Freeman. Here's a glimpse of the stunning cover art for Freeman's Orang-Pendek: In Search of Sumatra's Forgotten Ape, and a video of Freeman and Adam Davies telling of the expedition is included. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead answers the aspersions cast his way by members of a popular British forum by presenting an archived news clipping that reported some uncommonly colored flying mammals found in shocking surroundings, as you'll see in Muirhead's Mysteries: Scarlet Bats in Cheshire and Scotland. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues on a quest to unravel the fabric of dragon legends, far and wide, with Tatzelwurm: The Alps Dragon and More on Taniwhas, New Zealand Dragons.

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