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Sasquatch Alert Posted In Local Campgrounds In Eastern Sierras




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 Sasquatch Alert Posted In Local Campgrounds In Eastern Sierras Bigfoot Evidence

We are being led to believe that the U.S. Forest Service has issued a bulletin with the headline "Sasquatch Alert" for the Big Pine Creek area. Has anyone tried to authenticate this? Well, we did and here is the reply we received: "The only time the USFS had a publication called 'Bulletin' was during its first years. I took a look and there is no Bulletin '7-12' and looking through #7, there is nothing that relates to Sasquatch. The USFS publications are far more professional in appearance (even back in the late 1800's). There seems to be a former USFS employee who believed he had seen a sasquatch and he may have been the person who posted something like this -- but I believe that was in the 1970's and that he was acting on his own authority." In an editorial, Loren Coleman asks: Sierra Kills ~ Folklore, Makelore, Or Fakelore? His opinion, in short, is that too much of this case relies on blind faith. And that's not science. Scare details are also a problem with a youtube video posted back in April of a large, dark and hairy creature running across a path in the woods of Northeast Ohio:Bigfoot Sighting or Big Joke? You Decide We've decided. If you haven't heard by now, Yes, We’re Actually Still Looking for the Yeti. All about the much more promising Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project, which has been the focus of much media attention of late. Let's hope something worthwhile comes of it. Finally, in a lighter vein, the work of Ken Craig, a Washougal wood carver, portraying a Sasquatch family for the children of North Bonneville, Oregon, has been a Bigfoot big draw for small town.

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