Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch This: Motorcyclist Spooked By Bigfoot Tracks On Road



 New Footage: Colorado Bigfoot Filmed By A Couple Of Dudes



 Steve Kulls On Lie Detector Tests And Justin Smeja



 This Is The Location Where 44-Year-Old Randy Lee Tenley Was Struck And Killed By Two Passing Vehicles While Hoaxing



 Montana Man Attempting To Create Bigfoot Hoax Was Struck And Killed By Two Cars On Sunday Evening



 Women Bigfoot Hunters Don't Have To Be Afraid Of Bears Anymore Than Men




 Two Teenagers Kill Bigfoot Hoaxer in Montana




 Man Pulling Off Bigfoot Hoax Killed Cryptomundo

Nope, he wasn't shot as the TBRC has been advocating of late. According to Loren Coleman, this poor guy was trying to get to the other side of Highway 93 outside of Kalispell, MT like so many chickens. Even though he was in a ghillie suit, used by snipers, Randy Lee Tenley's friends insist he was hoping to pull the legs of some cryptozoologists. In happier news, Rachel Nuwer Celebrates 1,447 Years Of The Loch Ness Monster. August 22nd, 565 A.D. was the fateful day when St. Columba first spied the elusive lake monster and saved one of his congregation. Rachel's got a brief roundup of Nessie's history which really heated up nearly eighty years ago thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Spicer. Also in Nessie news, Glasgow Boy continues to ruminate upon The Lachlan Stuart Photograph. In part two, Glasgow Boy looks at the convoluted conspiracy that really isn't there. Many questions arise from Lachlan and Frere's association which make the prospect of a hoaxless likely. Get yourself up to speed by checking out Part 1 here.


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