Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Bigfoot Movie Being Produced As China Unbans "Monster" Movies




 Here's The Official Poster For The Bigfoot Documentary Squatchin' Featuring Derek Randles




 Cliff Barackman Launches Website Devoted To London Bigfoot Trackway




 What Lessons Can We Learn From The Bigfoot Hoaxer Death In Montana?




 First Ever Researcher To Solicit A Response From Bigfoot Using Sierra Sounds



 Cliff Barackman Launches Comprehensive London Trackway Bigfoot Research





 New $2.4M Yeren Movie Begins Shooting in China this October




 The Essex Lion Farce Kent Online

Big Cat researcher Neil Arnold is annoyed about all the excitement over the supposed big cat sighting in Essex, UK and says that all the fakery gets in the way of legitimate research. He also says that the authorities aren't helping either, by showing up and laughing at the reports instead of launching a proper investigation. Arnold thinks it is possible that a lion is roaming the English countryside but not likely an African lion as described. He also thinks that the hoaxing locals might make a nice afternoon snack for a big cat...



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