Saturday, September 01, 2012

Photos of The Day: Bigfoot Footprints in North Cotswolds, England And Bigfoot Appears In Gulf Shores, AL




 "Impressive" Photographs of Two Bigfoots From Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Surfacing




 Melba v. Sykes: Calling on Dr. Melba Ketchum to Concede




 Indian Legend of Hairy Man (AKA Bigfoot)




 Comedian Bill Engvall: Bigfoot Hunters Are Probably Single




 Dad Captured Audio Of Possible Bigfoot Howling, Daughter Never Going Out To Woods With Dad Again




 Bigfoot Attacks Hunter And Steals His Horse (1856)




 How To Tell If You're Looking At Bigfoot Hair




 Dr. Jeff Meldrum Will Pre-Screen Purported Bigfoot Samples For Sykes Before Sending To Oxford-Lousanne Collateral Hominid Project




 Discovering Georgia's Legendary Altamaha-ha Cryptomundo

While Lyle Blackburn was researching a follow-up to The Beast Of Boggy Creek, he took a left turn at Darien, GA to scout around for Georgia's homegrown beastie. Lyle goes into detail of the legends and lore surrounding Altie. As one will discover, it's worthy of more than a mere footnote. Altamaha-ha's cousin is about to be hogging the headlines, according to Glasgow Boy. Late summer is the start of Nessie And The Silly Season when the teletypes and wire services are silent, leaving journalists to scare up news in any way they can. G.B. demurs considering the longevity and persistence of Nessie sightings over the past eightysomething years. The critters of Australia are no less strange than lake monsters. One felid has been making headlines of late according to Angus Thompson. The Big Cat Mystery Deepens As Zoo Keeper Claims A New Panther Sighting In Mt Macedon. A former Parks Victoria ranger spied the cat, giving her the scare of her life.

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