Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deadly Virus Outbreak In California's Yosemite National Park




 Pareidolia Exists On Mars Too [Mars Curiosity Photographs]




 I Was At The Shaver Lake Filming Of Finding Bigfoot Where There Was No Mention Of The Sierra Kills




 62 Year Old Yeren Researcher Shares The Secret To Finding The Legendary Creature




 Bigfoot Trackway Found in the Cotswolds of England




 The Human Side of the Randy Lee Tenley Tragedy




 The London Trackway: First Publication North American Bigfoot

Chris Barackman debuts the London Trackway Bigfoot prints and he is beyond impressed and has launched an indepth investigation on them. Many experts, including Jeff Meldrum, agree with his assessment that the Oregon prints are the real deal. One of the prints even seems to show a toenail imprint, which is unique among Bigfoot evidence. In other Bigfoot news, Phil of Snohomish Sasquatch takes A Serious Look Into The Eerie Screams at Hockett Meadow. He presents several examples of animal sounds that might explain the creepy sounds on the Hockett Meadow video and he leaves his final startling conclusion open to possibility of either a hoax or the real thing.

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