Friday, August 31, 2012

Listen To Bigfoot Bluff Charge BFRO Investigators While They Were Asleep




 We may have caveman genes but we don’t have caveman brains




 Check Out This Cool Presentation About Bigfoot




 Little Ghost Girl Standing Behind Ranae Holland On Finding Bigfoot?




 Not The First Ghillie Suit Hoax Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey reminds us that the recent death of a Bigfoot hoaxer isn't the first time hoaxers have attempted to fool people. Godfrey says that hoaxers of that sort are wasting their time and putting themselves at risk for no good reason, as hoaxes like that are not given the kind of attention they crave by serious investigators. Elsewhere, the question arises: Are these prints evidence of Bigfoot in the north Cotswolds? Bigfoot rarely makes an appearance over the pond, so these large barefoot prints found in a park are puzzling. And over in Scotland, Glasgow Boy wonders Will Kevin the Witch make a return to Loch Ness? Kevin Carlyon is a white witch and self-professed "Nessie charmer" who believes Nessie is a ghost-like paranormal manifestation.

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