Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Guy Suing Cryptomundo and Matt Moneymaker Probably Won't Get Very Far





Watch This: Paranormal Investigator And His Kids Chased Out Of Woods By Rock Throwing Bigfoot





Cliff Barackman and Dr. Jeff Meldrum look at London Bigfoot Tracks





USA Today Promotes SyFy's Bigfoot Movie





Behold the latest cryptid to be reconsidered as a Lazarus taxon. Paraphrasing Sam Clemens, Robert Gonzalez wonders, along with his colleagues, where this anuran has been hiding for the past 136 years. Could the answer, as always, be "aliens"? And if you buy that, break out your credit card as Erin Pradia announces a Lufkin Man Puts 'Bigfoot Hair' Up For Sale. Disappointment reigns that he's not contributing to the Bigfoot DNA project, but to his credit he has a fortean state of mind about the veracity of the hairs. Read the rest for the auction date which is coming up fast. Disappointment is also what you might experience with the New Peter Byrne Book, coming soon. Some are wondering: how can you write a how-to book on monsters when you have never found one yourself?”

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