Friday, June 22, 2012

Attorneys Offer Opinion In Johnsen vs. Cryptomundo, Moneymaker, & Coleman Defamation Suit





Someone has broken their 35 years of silence. It's a good thing they chose Lon Strickler as their confessor. As you'll discover, Marlon Lowe has had it rough, being called Bird Boy and targeted with remedial puns. Yet Marlon wasn't alone in seeing the awe-inspiring avians that fateful summer day. We also stumbled across some New Footage: Bigfoot Seen In Algonquin Park. This incident was caught by accident, and the footage is brilliant. Just don't blink. And what's Bigfoot without footprints? As Keith Kinnaird learns, Tracks Leave Bigfoot Imprint. Thirty years ago Bonnie Thompson didn't give a second thought to tales of our hominid cousins. What she found next left an indelible impression. For a critical view of the media's mistake on this, however, check out How NOT To Publish Bigfoot Track Casts. And for Cliff Barackman, the other shoe has dropped with London Tracks - Another Update. We first covered this story back in late February. He was contacted by Jeff Meldrum, who also was interested in Bonnie's cast, making a stronger case for the authenticity of the tracks.

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