Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Footage: Southern Washington Bigfoot





Her Bigfoot Print Authenticated (Update: FB/FB Approves)





The Bigfoot News That Started It All





Texas Man Selling Bigfoot Hair For $30, Get It Before He Sells It To Cajun and Pawn Stars





Behold the cryptid that forteana deserves, not the one it wants to discover right now. Robin Pyatt Bellamy will hunt it because the critter can handle it. So far the good folks of NEPTUNE Canada haven't sussed out its secret identity. So take a gander at the video and see if you have an inkling of the Dark Knight of the Seas's identity. Meanwhile over the rooftops of Anomalopolis, it's the sasquatch signal! Now showing, thanks to Tim Ervick, is New Footage: Algonquin Park Bigfoot, which has remained under wraps since 2010. If watching hairy hitchhikers isn't your cup of tea, you'll be pleased to find that a group of Bigfoot Researchers Have Released A New Book Called You Are Sasquatch. In anticipation of the tome, Jeffery Pritchett had a sit-down with the authors for some answers about our ancestry, the hunt for our cousins, and why we're not smarter than the average bigfoot.

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