Monday, June 18, 2012

Why has the Point Pleasant native been seen over Staffordshire, UK back in 2009? If anyone should know it's Nick Redfern, and he's stumped! Perhaps the flying fiend has upgraded to a jetpack, affording him the ability to streak across the ocean. A high-tech upgrade would explain Nick's high-concept Mothman Vs. Mothra. Not so much a production for Anomalist Films, but striking similarities between the myth cycle and the man in a rubber suit are titillating, to say the least. We can't really write anything about Mothman without mentioning John Keel. Turns out he had a sequel to Jadoo in mind, which the publishers were not interested in. On the other hand, if they had been, we might never have seen The Mothman Prophecies. Read all about it in Beyond Timbuctu.

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