Sunday, June 17, 2012

Watch This Rare Video From FB/FB Described As Possible Hoax





Can You Guess Where This Photo of Cliff And Bobo Was Taken?





Trolls In Staffordshire (In The 1970s!) Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
We can't help but imagine tiny, furry humanoids in leisure suits and gold chains from this headline. Beach has had the pleasure of reading Nick Redfern's Creature of the Month article from May. Ever the expert, Beach knows his fairy lore, breaking down the habitats of hobgoblins, deducing the true identity of these bugbears which spooked Barry and Elaine. Another expert investigator is Karl Shuker, maintaining his enthusiasm for black beasts. Making the rounds on the internets are a trio of photoshopped images of black lions. Stories and sightings abound, yet none of them have been confirmed yet. The good Dr. Shuker gives his take on Manipulation, Melanism, And Mozaicism. Considering his serious approach to cryptozoology, Is It Time For A Cryptozoology TED? Loren Coleman believes the idea has ideas worth spreading. He makes a potent case for presentations to dispel the mistakes and misunderstandings promulgated by those who have good intentions, which provide grist for vocal skeptics with axes to grind.

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