Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Listen To This Bigfoot Communication Captured By A Film Student, Upload By Some Alien Dude





Joe Back Addresses Critics About His Plot Watcher Bigfoot





The Smarter Ape Theory Explained In An Explosive Interview By Jeffery Pritchett





New Footage: Algonquin Park Bigfoot





The Smart Ape Theory As Explained By Jack Barnes Will Make You Feel Dumb





Get This App: National Parks by National Geographic





Who Will Be The First To Hit The Mythical 1 Million Views On YouTube?





Untimely Yeti Footprints found in Siberia





Bigfoot Hair Samples for 30 Bucks -- While Supplies Last





Recent Bigfoot News Used to Teach English





Yowies Living Near Lismore The Northern Star
A spate of sightings are luring Rex Gilroy and company to the banks of Australia's Northern Rivers. Tracks and more are raising a stir in New South Wales, but they pale in comparison to photographic evidence. Seeing isn't always believing, as Karl Shuker discovered on The Day He Saw A Unicorn On Safari. A trick of the eye and serendipitous synchronicity gave the illusion that a humble addax had a single horn. Even if you can't trust your eyes, can you believe your ears? A Mystery Sound In Upper Gwynedd Puzzles Residents. A remarkable roar has been pervading the countryside of eastern Pennsylvania, but the article suggests Heidi Lucas's plea for an investigation have fallen upon deaf ears. If this is a bellow from Bigfoot, it may be a precursor to a violent, inter-hominid encounter. No one would know better than Walter Higgins, a Retired Park Ranger Who Claims To Have Footage Of An "Attack". Bigfoot Evidence generously provides a link to the video for your approval. In sadder news, Glasgow Boy bemoans the 'denessification' of Loch Ness. He reminisces Of Monsters And Exhibitions from more open-minded times.

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