Saturday, April 21, 2012

More evidence is bubbling to the surface on the existence of Nessie. Martin Atkinson caught something on his sonar, garnering first prize in the Best Nessie Sighting of The Year. Lawrence Conway has several photos with commentary from a scientist holding a different opinion of the evidence. Fortunately Glasgow Boy goes a little more in-depth, pardon the pun, with More On The Recent Sonar Sighting. He helpfully knocks the wind out of Simon Boxall's sails by debunking the algae bloom theory. Still no one knows for certain if lake monsters are living fossils or something entirely different. Regardless of their nature, these beasts are markedly persistent. The same couldn't be said for one lamented marsupial. Some researchers have announced the Tasmanian Tiger Was Genetically Doomed. Scientists from the University of Connecticut have compared thylacine samples, suggesting the beast's gene pool was far more shallow than could be expected of a diverse and vigorous population. Joining our gay menagerie are a pair of stories which show that Cougar Sightings Reach Fever Pitch in Essex County. Despite numerous, credible sightings, not to mention hard evidence of tracks, scat, and photos, officials aren't so certain about the cat's return. Click on over to see if the Essex County Cougar Finally Caught On Camera. Jim Dufour caught something on film, and as Trevor Wilhelm writes, it was larger than the average housecat.

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