Friday, April 20, 2012

After 1972 White Bigfoot Sighting, Man Worked At Zoo To Confirm What He Actually Saw





Project Bigfoot Stealth Cam Favorite Pics





Finally, A Dating Site For Bigfooters! [Humor]





New Footage: This 4-Wheeler Bigfoot Video Is So 'Real', You Won't Believe It





When Theresa Ann Bier vanished 25 years ago, the prime suspect pointed his finger squarely at bigfoot. Vicki W. gives an overview of the police investigation into the matter, with a sideline into Native American mythology that may dovetail with the accusation. Both suspects remain at large. One blogger who wouldn't be happy about such revelations is Joe Squatch. From the forests along the Canadian border, the internet's only known sasquatch blogger gives the inside track on Sasquatch, Logging And The Government. A conspiracy is afoot to keep hairy homonids under wraps. Joe spells things out so even a kindergartener can understand these shadowy machinations. If that's not enough to whet your appetite, Glasgow Boy has A Story About Ted Holiday. Ronnie Bremner shares a humorous anecdote about the eccentric lake monster hunter, who took his calling quite seriously.

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