Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 10 Bigfoot Sites in North America





Hand Clapping Behavior in Gorillas North American Bigfoot
Cliff Barackman wonders if the recent discovery of hand clapping in gorillas could possibly be related to "tree knocking" observed in areas where Bigfoot has been sighted. Gorillas clap their hands to get attention, and Barackman ties this in with Bigfoot doing the same, perhaps as a warning there are humans in the area. We wonder how this recent report revealing that Baboons' word choices a key to human language ability might be related as well. Yes, you read that right--baboons can apparently read, and it is not through mere memorization because the primates are picking out real words from gibberish. Hmm, perhaps Bigfoot hunters should start leaving out issues of Fortean Times along with the pancakes? While we wait for a scholarly tree-knocking, hand clapping Sasquatch to appear, believers and skeptics once again battle it out, this time in Michigan: This Just In with Justin: Bigfoot believers, skeptics hope science solves legend's mystery.

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