Monday, April 16, 2012

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Robert Lindsay Is Back: Reveals Ketchum Study Publication Date(s), Description Of Sierra Kills Bigfoot, Erickson Project Film





PBS, Eric Altman Will Play A Part In New Bigfoot Film "Mountain Devil"





How often does this happen to Bigfoot researchers?





What is Nessie Really? Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon presents a lengthy and very detailed examination of Nessie, both historical and modern, in an attempt to categorize the elusive monster. He calls on older studies including the "string of bouys" appearance reported in water monster sightings world-wide. Josh Brown muses on the nature of Bigfoot as he gives us Thoughts From The Anthropological Arm-Chair. He wonders why Bigfoot is consistently able to avoid both physical capture and, for the most part, being captured on film. Brown also asks the question we all wonder--if BIgfoot is so talented at avoiding capture, why does the creature allow itself to be seen? Brown has no answers but neither do the rest of us and that's what makes Bigfoot so tantalizing and fascinating. No other cryptid creature gets as much attention and perhaps we find Bigfoot so alluring because we sense we're getting a small glimpse into our own distant past. Speaking of the past, Loren Coleman shares Titanic’s Grimm Link to Cryptozoology with another look at the life of Jack Grimm (Cadillac Jack), an eccentric millionaire who spent a lot of his wealth searching for Bigfoot, Nessie and Titanic. 

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