Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Happened To Nat. Geo's 'Beast Hunter'?





Photos Of The Day: Sasquatch Tree Peeking, Huge Rock On Tree Stump





Thoughts From The Anthropological Arm-Chair





Crowdsourced funding is the new black on the internet. From video games, to comics, to technology, and now expeditions to darkest Africa for a documentary. Stephen McCullah is setting out to find the mystery beasts lurking in its jungles, from the fantastic to those yet to be discovered, with some awesome spiffs for investors to this worthy cause. If all goes well, and he does find mokele mbembe, we're certain Steve's documentary will be the definitive reference. Speaking of which, Laura Massey has stumbled upon The First Book on the Loch Ness Monster. As you'll discover Rupert Gould's The Loch Ness Monster and Others is the first, comprehensive, and serious take on the planet's most famous lake monster. Though the price is steep, Laura provides scans from this reader-annotated first edition. Another author whose profligacy and reputation precedes him is Loren Coleman. Today at Cryptomundo he touches upon the Missouri Mystery Kangaroos, with the most recent sighting from last Tuesday. Sometimes people see stuff that's not merely out of place, but simply strange. Lon Strickler has an emailed account from a Witness: El Chupacabras. As discovered, these monsters aren't particular when Samuel relates how he watched a dog get torn apart by Puerto Rico's national cryptid. Lon follows up with other sightings, and particulars on the beast's behavior and physiology.

Hairy homonids can be imposing, but one's been caught being creepy around a little girl. Chuck Prahl has a video of the incident, and The Crypto Crew has enhanced it to satisfy further inquiry. Another video has been deconstructed with M.K. Davis Incredible Breakdown Of White Bigfoot, FB/FB Frowns At Davis. The comments show that FB/FB isn't the only one who disagree with M.K.'s findings. Next up Vicki W. and SnowWalkerPrime have found a South Carolina Man Detailing His Terrifying 1978 Bigfoot Encounter during a deer hunt. Mike Richburg recalls the episode's details in an exclusive video interview. Rounding out these sasquatch stories is young turk Tyler Stone, bucking the trend that the Minnesota Iceman was Homo erectus with Part 2 of his series Neanderthals, Eastern Bigfoot, and the Minnesota Iceman. He's earned extra credit with his latest installment with solid evidence and peerless academic research.

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