Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bigfoot Just Got a Big 5 Endorsement





Government and Logging Industry Denying Existence of Bigfoot? Joe Sasquatch Thinks So





In 1987 Abduction Case: Bigfoot Was Named Prime Suspect in Teen's Disappearance





What's It Like To Go On a BFRO Expedition With Matt?





Are These The Florida Skunk Apes Tim Fasano Has Been Looking For?





Owls Are Nothing But Fluff [Nature]





Grover Krantz was in many ways a giant in the field of Bigfoot studies. But Loren Coleman thinks that his sometimes quickly stated theories need to be questioned. Apparently Krantz’s bias against Eastern Bigfoot reports colored his notion of what was behind the sightings of “Stone Giants” or “Stone Clads” in Eastern North America. Elsewhere, you can "test your knowledge of the weird and wonderful creatures of cryptozoology" by taking the Bigfoot, Nessie & the Kraken: Cryptozoology Quiz. But what you'll really be doing is testing your knowledge of debunking cryptozoology rather than about the creatures themselves. If you want to get out of the armchair, you might consider Howls at nothing: Hunting bigfoot. It seems the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is offering tag-alongs on research expeditions to suspected bigfoot habitats across North America. The trips typically last four days and cost between $300 and $500, not including airfare, camping equipment or food. And in The Beasts of London, Nick Redfern calls our attention to a review of the Londonist’s review of Neil Arnold’s latest book, Mystery Animals of the British Isles: London, which they say “…is teeming with preternatural animals, from exotic big cats to winged abominations straight out of folklore....There’s plenty of fascinating stuff in here...[But] Arnold maintains a sceptical though enquiring mind throughout.”

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