Friday, March 23, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Larry the Cable Guy looks for Bigfoot in Kentucky

Watch This Pretty Awesome Fake Trailer For A Bigfoot Movie Inspired By Joe Rogan

Mr. Blurrycam Explains His Blurry Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Footage

In Honor Of World Forest Day, Google Street View Now Lets Us Explore The Amazon

"Sasquatch Lives?" Interviews Producer & Director Ro Sahebi

Livescience tackles the topic of Bigfoot with fancy, colorful infographics to reveal that a significant percentage of Americans believe in Bigfoot, with the majority of them being male and also Democrats. In other rather disappointing news, Tim Stover: Results From Analysis On Possible Bigfoot Hair & Fingerprint Samples show that the peanut stealing culprit was not Bigfoot but was, in fact, a skunk and the fingerprints left on the bag were Stover's own. Meanwhile, Frontiers of Zoology brings us After finding Bigfoot with Lon, a detailed report of a mid-1980s discovery of a possible Bigfoot skeleton that disappeared mysteriously after police investigated. And over on Cryptomundo, we learn, and can see on video, what all the NatGeo hoopla was all about in Navajo Cops: Eyes of the Howler. Pretty slim pickings, we'd say.

Georgia Hoaxer To Visit International Cryptozoology Museum

Ichnotaxonomy of Giant Hominid Tracks in North America

Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

Kentucky Bigfoot Gains Notoriety and Media Attention

Larry the Cable Guy looks for Bigfoot in Kentucky

Kemerovo's Association with the Yeti Continues: Meet the Coal Miners Mascot

Author Thom Powell's London Tracks Presentation at Sasquatch Brewery

Biscardi Bigfoot PR Machine is Back

Sasquatch Use of Symbols- Do Bigfoot Create Glyphs to Communicate Information?

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