Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bigfoots Communicate With Sticks? David Claerr Investigates Saquatch Use of Symbols

TeamTazerBigfoot Visits Loren Coleman At The International Cryptozoology Museum In Portland Maine

Person Who Filmed 'Bigfoot' Sighting In Idaho Says It Definitely Wasn't A Bear

Nick Redfern knows good books and he's chomping at the bit to let you in on a doozy. If he calls it "definitive," there's no argument that Lyle Blackburn's The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster will exceed your expectations. This is no faint praise as Nick shows you how and why Lyle nailed Alabama's State Cryptid as if front-man for the rock band Ghoultown were on a first name basis with the beast. Speaking of personal experience, a similar creature stalks our northwestern forests, as those who have found themselves face to face with sasquatch well know. But there is a difference between long term witnesses and researchers of the creature in their emotional connections to, and handling of, the phenomenon, as Shooting Sasquatch: A Long-Term Witness Perspective makes clear. One expert witness who is no longer with us, despite his enduring legacy, is Tom Slick. Loren Coleman has found that Slick was well-connected and susses out what brought together Tom Slick & JFK, precipitating one fateful day in Dallas.

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Moonshine and Bigfoot” with Cliff Barackman

Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center: Pro-Kill vs No-Kill

Update: Ohio Cryptozoology Conference 2012

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