Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Stover: Results From Analysis On Possible Bigfoot Hair & Fingerprint Samples

This Is Why Randy Brisson Is The Best Sasquatch Hair Snatcher Ever

The Crypto Crew painstakingly breaks down the Idaho sighting in which the witness emphatically states "It's not a bear." Well, it turns out that not only is it a bear, but it appears to be a mother and two cubs. In other Bigfoot news, Phantoms and Monsters gives us a detailed look into the darker side of Sasquatch sightings, from Teddy Roosevelt's infamous encounter to Wendingo sightings: Sasquatch: Kidnapper and Man-Killer? And finally, Happy Year 52 Crypto Anniversary to Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo! We aren't sure what exactly one is supposed to give for a cryptoversary though, Sasquatch hair maybe?

Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

DT Marathon

Obama Visits Tom Slick’s Cushing!

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