Friday, March 23, 2012

TeamTazerBigfoot's Incredible Interview With A Bigfoot Witness In Maine

More evidence has surfaced after the recent alleged chupacabra attacks in Michoacan, Mexico. In an interview with a journalist who investigated the case, it's revealed that the fence around the sheep was undamaged and too high for anything to jump. Odder still, was the fact that only a few sheep were killed despite the fact the surrounding pens held many cows and horses, and probably the most perplexing fact of all, the animals were found drained of blood with no blood on the ground around them. We would argue that it could be the work of ordinary (but disturbed) human beings which in a way is distinctly more disturbing than a chupacabra. On a different note, Inexplicata also presents a fascinating look at Realms Below: Where Fact Meets Fiction, from caves on the moon to the familiar sunken continent of Atlantis. After watching The Descent a few years ago, we could easily imagine chupacabras and other creepy creatures emerging from the underground sites Inexplicata details.

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