Monday, March 19, 2012

Bogue: Is 'bigfoot' a real, live creature?
San Jose Mercury News
By Gary Bogue I have been watching the "Finding Bigfoot" series on TV's Animal Planet faithfully since last year and was wondering if you believe in Bigfoot to be a fact. There is a lot that could be real but, then again, there may not be.
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Watch The Sasquatch Hunters Talk About Their Georgia Expedition And How They Captured A Bigfoot On Thermal

Finding Bigfoot finally found something on video. Did they capture reflections from the eyes of a curious Sasquatch or simply from an owl? Here is a detailed analaysis of the video by Cliff Barackman, who supposes it is indeed eyeshine from an owl. Bigfoot Evidence also brings us a brand-new video of yet another supposed Bigfoot: Person Who Filmed 'Bigfoot' Sighting In Idaho Says It Definitely Wasn't A Bear. As usual, the Bigfoot in question is blurry and indistinct, and we're less than convinced that this blobsquatch is the real thing. In more convincing news, does Bigfoot Communicate With Sticks? David Claerr Investigates Saquatch Use of Symbols. Bigfoot communication has long been the subject of debate among Bigfoot enthusiasts, and researcher David Claerr believes the evidence suggests that Bigfoot uses primitive glyphs made out of tree branches to communicate with each other. And finally, TeamTazerBigfoot Visits Loren Coleman At The International Cryptozoology Museum In Portland Maine and gives us an entertaining interview. The self-proclaimed "best sasquatch trackers in the universe" have a keen sense of humor, which is quite refreshing.

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