Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bigfoot in Greater Oklahoma City Metro area?
Could there be a Bigfoot in Yukon, just minutes outside of Oklahoma? As strange as it may sound, it is possible. In fact, the Animal Planet television series “Finding Bigfoot” has made a trip to Yukon to investigate the possibility of a Bigfoot in the ...
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Is Bigfoot a Turkey Hunter?
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
by Steve Hickoff Is Bigfoot a turkey hunter? At least one trail-camera user thinks so, as seen in this video still: Do you think it's a guy standing in washed-out camouflage next to a tree? Is the turkey in front of the alleged Bigfoot figure a ...
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Sasquatch or Bigfoot in Rural Derbyshire..
Derby Telegraph
A very believable Phenoma in North America has been photographed in Breadsall,Smalley and Mapperley Woods...The camera does not lie,What do you think ? 2. Thieves subject 64-year-old man to hour-long robbery 3. New TK Maxx store to open in Derby 5.
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Holy Loch-Ness-Monster-On-A-Pogo-Stick! Loren Coleman Has Been Studying Hidden Animals For 52 Years Now!

Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho Breakdown [Video]

Visualized: Entire BFRO Database On One Page

Skittles Touch: Sasquatch [Humor]

Dr. Melba Ketchum: Bigfoot DNA Paper Will Come Out Soon, It's "Close Enough" To Organize "Protection" Of Species

Sasquatch Hunters presents their video evidence of a Bigfoot Encounter in Georgia. Allegedly, they lured a Sasquatch with deer distress calls, and a "Squatch" obliged them by appearing on their thermal cam, dramatically backlit by flashes of lightning. Unfortunately, it's of the blogsquatch variety and impossible to identify. The only evidence here is of a large blob peeking around a larger blob. And so we all return to our endless search for the next "Patty" video...Meanwhile, Tim Stover Catches Possible Bigfoot Hair Samples And Finger Prints Using "Secret Weapon". His fearsome and powerful secret weapon? Double-sided tape. We eagerly await the results of testing that will reveal if a bear, clever racoon, Bigfoot, or a really hairy human absconded with Stover's peanuts. On a much different Bigfoot-related note, in When Skeptics Attack For The Sake Of Attacking, Ryan Dube examines the skeptical attack on Cryptomundo's Loren Coleman by Myron Getman. Getman does not attack evidence presented by Coleman, but rather the posting style on Cyrptomundo, and resorts to name-calling and personal attacks. Dube points out that this sort of attack is not only baseless but rather silly and ironically turns such skeptics into extremists on the fringes of skeptism. In conclusion, Dube simply advises Getman to "grow up."

Year 52 on 3.20.2012

Do Skeptics Attack for the Sake of Attacking?

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