Sunday, March 11, 2012

Listen To Damian Bravo And SnowWalkerPrime On Bigfoot Tonight Radio At 7PM Tonight

This Footage Will Be Shown On Tonight's "Finding Bigfoot: Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot" Episode

New Experiment Suggests Patterson-Gimlin Creature Was Probably Only 4' 8" Tall, 115 People Agree (Update: Height probably around 6 ft)

Clawed Costume Maker Confirms For The Second Time That The Creature In Melissa Hovey's Photo Is Not His

Modern-day cryptid creatures may be shaking, rattling, and rolling too. The Illiamna volcano in Alaska is rumbling with recent activity and Loren Coleman suspects that the unstable conditions may be disturbing the local monster population, including giant sturgeon and whales in nearby Lake Illiamna. Also on Cryptomundo, the question is asked: What really killed off the Ice Age megafauna 12,900 years ago? Scientists and researchers have debated the subject for years, and as Loren Coleman reveals, new evidence suggests that the giant asteroid impact theory may have caused the Mammoth Megafauna Mammal Massacre after all. He suggests that Ivan T. Sanderson's theory of a quick-freeze death of Alaskan mammoths found quite literally with their last meal in their mouths may have gained merit where it was once scoffed at. Sanderson's quick-freeze theory along with the 2007 findings of ancient bison with meteorite material imbedded in their bones lend even more credence to the asteroid impact theory.

Finding Bigfoot: “Holy Cow, It’s Bigfoot” Tonight

Bigfoot Times, March 2012
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2nd Meeting of Bay Area Bigfoot group this Sunday

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