Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: Finding Bigfoot Season Finale 3-11-12

The team heads to Utah, where they investigate a piece of footage allegedly of a Sasquatch. Some of the team thinks it is a bit ambigious, but of course Ranae says it is most likely a person (which does make sense considering the supposed 'Squatch is too close to the party on the tape). They meet with the videographer who believes it is a 'Squatch, and even Matt asks could it have been a person, one of the group there at the fire. Bobo recreates it, and he of course looks bigger than the figure in the footage. Moneymaker thinks the explanation might be it is a ghost rather than a 'Squatch given the reputation of the valley supposedly being haunted. Well, Matt seems to have changed his mind about what the entity in the footage is (he believes it may be a 'Squatch). The team conducts night investigations the first night, and Matt does a howl. Cliff also lets out a whoop and they hear some sort of a howl and growl. Coyote and/or bear, perhaps? Bobo finds some sort of structure, with a fire put in front of it. It was most likely built by a human, but Matt and Bobo believe a 'Squatch could possibly get under it. Matt decides to stay in the field, while the rest of the team goes to meet with witnesses. So far this episode seems a bit of a let-down, but we will see what happens in the future moments of this episode. The town hall meeting is held, and several witnesses are interviewed and they tell of their sightings. Later on, they do howls and get some sort of response which could possibly be a Sasquatch and not anything else, though it is important to keep in mind what John Green has said in the past, that unidentified sounds are just that, unidentified sounds. All in all, kind of a disappointing end to the season. About a 3 out of 5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

I would give it a 3 out of 10. I hope this comment doesn't get deleted because of the score I gave this episode though. I just don't know how on earth they could look at a man made lean-to and think that a bigfoot could have a) made it or b) even used it. Did anyone see that thing? LOL

It's laughable! It couldn't keep anything dry or warm, so why would they think anyone/anything would use it? For anything?

I also find it extremely coincidental and yet extremely bizarre that the show and season ended w/ a "response call/howl". I Mean, it seems odds that the only "evidence" they get comes in the last minutes of the episode and than they just pack up and leave?!?

It just seems like they're more interested in making a TV show than finding bigfoot.