Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News Station Follows Up With "Gorilla" On The Loose In Hale County, Bigfoot Evidence Is Seen On TV

Larry Surface Clay Model Of Sasquatch From Night-Vision Footage Suggests Homo Sapien Features

Watch Cliff Barackman And Bobo On "The Soup" This Wednesday

The Best FB/FB Breakdown Video Ever!

On MNBRT Radio Tonight: Listen To Man Who Was Touched By A Yowie

We note the passing of a true fortean, the woman, who with the help of her husband, Al Rosensmyle, kept The International Fortean Organization alive for decades after the passing of the Willis brothers, who founded the organization in 1965. For 30 years, Phyllis Benjamin ran the various FortFests, FortNites, and FortScapes in the Washington, D.C. area. In her honor, we note a fortean event of sorts, in Spider Web Forest Is Beautiful And Terrifying. The land down under is plenty weird with their deadly creepy crawlies, pouched mammals, and bunyips, but here some sheet-web and wolf spiders have conspired with the rain and flooding in the eastern Australian city of Wagga Wagga to put on a spectacular show.

Witnessed by several people, a mysterious horned cat-like creature with glowing eyes and the ability to disappear into thin air roamed the streets of London in 1943. Shuker wonders if it could have been a cryptid creature or perhaps even an elemental spirit in disguise. In other strange creature news, another horned beast gets a new theory as Dale Drinnon wonders if the mythical unicorn may in fact have been a Pristichampsus Procamptocerass.

Details On Alabama “Gorilla” Sighting

Finding Bigfoot: Media Coverage and Town Hall Meeting

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