Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rick Dyer Challenges SnowWalkPrime To Survivalist Competition In Florida Everglades [Humor]

Newly Found Stone Age People Discovered To Have Lived 11,000 Years Ago

New Footage: Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho

Hunter Who Once Owned A Pet Bear Swears What He Saw Was No Bear

Black cats are commonplace, but melanistic tigers and leopards are rare, despite assumptions otherwise. Karl Shuker is leading the hunt for clues for these cats that remain at the periphery of popular culture, and he needs your help. One theory that may have currency is they walk among us in another form, bringing us to Jeffrey Pritchett's Review: Brad Steiger's The Werewolf Book Encyclopedia of Shapeshifting Beings, covering such diverse subjects as wild children, yeti, serial killers and more anomalous apocrypha you can shake a stick at.

Red Deer Cave People: Another New Hominid!

E!’s The Soup Just Got a Whole Lot Squatchier

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