Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Of The Day: This Is Why Bigfoots Like To Hunt Near Power Lines

Mike Rugg Talks About The Current Field Of Hominology [Video]

Dr. Melba Ketchum Opens Up Platform To Discuss Sasquatch Species


Ken Gerhard gives a detailed report on his efforts to track down an elusive ABC (alien big cat) sighted in Tate’s Hell State Forest in Florida. While the big cat was not sighted during the investigation, Gerhard is convinced that one does prowl the area. Meanwhile, Cryptozoology Online presents a collection of recent ABC sightings from the UK in Down the little wooden hills again... Switching crypids and places, we arrive at the question on everyone's mind: Is Bigfoot in Cache County? Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" turns up in Cache County, Utah, in search of the big guy. Local opinions range from believers to skeptics and as usual, no Bigfoot was found. However, a search of the local archives turned up 50 reports of sightings, so it seems perhaps Bigfoot is just a reluctant recluse who doesn't like to be caught on camera, especially those of a camera crew.

E!’s The Soup: Even Squatchier Than Before!

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