Monday, March 12, 2012

Shooting Sasquatch: A long-term witness perspective

A brief report from Hale County, Alabama, about sheriff's deputies and the fire department searching for "at least one gorilla" with the surprising statement that "it is unknown how many are loose or in what direction they are headed." A hoax? A zoo runaway? A Bigfoot? Loren Coleman has some past examples of “gorilla” sightings from Alabama in Breaking News: “Gorilla” Seen In Alabama. In a story about the other 800 pound gorilla in the cryptozoology world, Nessie, some details on The Yellow Submarine and the Loch Ness Monster. When it comes to the pursuit of the unexplained people will go to great lengths, or depths, regardless of the dangers. Such is the case of Dan Scott Taylor, who combined his love of Nessie with his admiration for The Beatles. But, sadly, the two never did meet.

My face to face encounter with two Sasquatches

Wished This Crazed Sasquatch Would Show Its Back

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