Sunday, February 05, 2012

BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt Chimes In On Ape-vs-Human Debate [Bigfoot Debate]

BFRO: "WARNING: Do not use this forum to invite people to meet you in the woods!"

The Snow Walker Bigfoot Hoax Video

Piltdown Skull To Be Tested

Super Bowl Sunday CryptoArt Quiz

Three Cryptozoological Mysteries The s8intcom Blogger
Chris Parker is certain to rouse controversy with this latest post, the full title of which is "Three Cryptozoological Mysteries: The Penn State Dinosaur that Was?; the Ancient Chinese Rhinoceros that Wasn’t; and the 19th Century Pterosaur Displaying Previously Unknown Morphological Features That Might Have Been." But his copiously illustrated discourse should surely pique even the most zealous protector of the current dogma about the coexistence of ancient man and extinct creatures. What do you think? Elsewhere, a creature that could fit right into the menagerie demonstrated by Chris Parker shows up in drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, prompting Danish researcher Lars Thomas to write Jon Downes at the Centre for Fortean Zoology seeking help in identifying the incongruous creature, as you'll see in A Little Something for the Blog. Meanwhile, the author of several cryptid creature books, Neil Arnold, takes on a new gig writing a newspaper column about the creatures that prowl the British countryside, and his first offering is Are There 'Big Cats' Roaming Britain?

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