Friday, February 10, 2012

The loss of a valiant four-legged friend and companion leads to the posting of a report from the archives of Ralph, the Australian men's magazine. You get to go along on the adventure from about eight years ago in search of the Australian Bigfoot in the famous Blue Mountains. Elsewhere, the video clip some think shows a wooly mammoth in a Siberian river has created a stream of comment across the Internet, addressed by Loren Coleman in Mammoth Madness? New Developments. There's a bit of a mystery concerning the description of a creature that could explain some of history's sea serpent reports explained by Dale Drinnon in Longnecked Seals: The Case of the Missing Specimen. And the British news is replete with reports of out-of-place large felines, assembled by Jon Downes in the report Big Cat News: Today's Stories, augmented by Nigel Wright on the South Lakelands Big Cat. Also, the natural history news of the day offers a triple dose of cuteness with photos included in the reports Whitening Strikes Wombats Twice in Ceduna and Puurrrple Squirrels!!

Puurrrple Squirrels!!

Bay Area Bigfoot Enthusiasts - Public Meeting this...

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