Tuesday, February 07, 2012

How To Calculate Bigfoot Population In Squatchy Areas

Last year was a banner one for Bigfoot thanks to cable television's unblinking eye upon the subject. Greg Newkirk is no stranger to the hairy hominoid enigma, and he's got some insider information about another upcoming project. Sounds like it's a mix of Survivor and Finding Bigfoot, but will a hefty reward help close the case on Sasquatch once and for all, or just make money for cable companies? While that project may be less than seriously aimed at Sasquatch discovery, there is an individual who has accompanied Dr, Jeff Meldrum in his research who has equally impeccable credentials and is intent on pursuing the creature he believes is real, as reported in John Mionczynski: Naturalist, Accordionist, and Bigfoot Expert. Other cryptids besides Bigfoot are making their way into reports today, as well, brought to light by Dale Drinnon in Other Big Birds Possibly Being Reported as Pterosaurs and Texas Big Bird of the 1970s. And Loren Coleman demonstrates the depth to which the Bigfoot phenomenon and Fortean occurrences have penetrated into public awareness with two examples of Super Bowl advertising exhibited as Hyundai Canada Squatch Spots and Apocalyptic Fortean Ad.

Iceland River Monster? Or Robotic Hoax?

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