Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dude Who Originally Uploaded "The Beast Of Gum Hill" Bigfoot Footage Uploads New Video

New Footage: Bigfoot Caught On Camera During Hunting Trip In Western Mass 2011

Popular New Zealand columnist Roger Moroney reveals a tale from a trusted source that goes back to 1893 and may lead Moroney into the New Zealand wilds to search for evidence of a water monster. The territory where a respectable youngster had his encounter with what some refer to as the legendary "taniwha" over a century ago is still a rugged undertaking, and the creature surely can't still be around. Or can it? Dale Drinnon follows Moroney's report with some possible creatures that could have sparked the archived report. Elsewhere, photos are often deceiving, and that's the case Loren Coleman suggests in his report accompanying video in Woolly Mammoth Sighting of the Day. Elsewhere, Lon Strickler gets lots of correspondence about weird subjects, such as today's offering from the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State that leads to other cryptid reports from Strickler's files detailing Strange Encounters: Southwest Florida. Meanwhile, there continues to be reporting from the United Kingdom of out-of-place felines of a size much larger than feral house cats, the latest such report showing up as Big Cat News: The Calderdale Catbeast, and recent footage of one of the creatures is presented by Loren Coleman in “Black Leopard” Video Analyzed. There's also a cat of an entirely different kind, as you'll see, and it comes from the myths of the North American native populations, as explained in Underwater Mystery Cat.

Mammoth Madness? New Developments

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