Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Bigfoot Camera Prank App For Android Phones Makes Life Easier For Hoaxers

FB/FB Explains Why Sasquatch Can Easily Hide From Humans

It's one thing for a headline to be provocative. It's quite another for it to be true in the same breath. This is a wild and wooly coming-of-age story the author, Dennis Daryl, claims is true. It's full of mobsters, moving from house to house, incidental Nazis, big dogs and Bigfoot. We probably left something out, but it's a rambling tale and all laid out for you to take in as you like. Is it true? You decide. You may get better evidence for the existence of North America's best known cryptid tomorrow night in a popular television show's Virginia visit described by Roger Brown in Local Bigfoot-like Creature Explored in Sunday Episode of "Finding Bigfoot". And a list of human-shaped entities fills the online airwaves in Benjamin Grundy's latest podcast airing now at Episode 705 – Mysterious Universe, which also covers the recent "wooly mammoth" sighting in Siberia and video of an Icelandic water monster. That water monster video has taken on an Internet life that Jon Downes lists copiously in That Iceland River Monster Again, and Downes points us to a humorous site that appears to concern itself with the possibility of a water monster in an American neighborhood blogged about in the link provided with Yer Jamaica Pond Monster. There's a tad more humor in a cryptozoological vein today with a report about what's big, bipedal, hairy and odoriferous, as revealed in Bigfoot Mystery SOLVED, Da-da Style.

Local Bigfoot-like creature explored in Sunday episode of "Finding ...
Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho – and one of the nation's ...

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