Monday, February 06, 2012

FB/FB: Interview With Witness Who Was Cornered By Two Sasquatch Near Greenbriar West Virginia

Hyundai Canada Squatch Spots

Judging by the reports Andrew Nicholson offers here, 1935 was a blue ribbon year for sea serpents in Australian waters. Nicholson takes you back to the scenes where everyone from young boys to road workers got into the sea serpent sighting act. But sea serpents haven't been the only waterborne beasts to populate the tales of Australia, and CFZ - Australia reprints an article from a recent edition of The Geelong Advertiser that salutes a former paper mill, the Devil's Pool and a creature the aborigines say is The Bunyip Terror of Geelong. Alas, the sea serpent and bunyip stories do not exhibit any photos or illustrations of the beasts concerned, but a possible lake or river cryptid seems to have swum into the focus of a prepared videographer in Iceland, and you can view the footage in Video: Iceland 'Lake Monster' Captured on Film? Elsewhere, we turn your attention to North America's favorite cryptid with tales from the Four Corners area of the American Southwest woven together by Dale Drinnon's guest blogger Alysa Landers who points to the rugged mountains on the Navajo Nation, quoting Navajo Bigfoot experiencers and a 2002 field report posted online by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in Tracking Bigfoot. And Drinnon offers some surprising remarks of his own about the huge, hairy biped, including the claim there are two different kinds of Bigfoot creature in North America, the West Coast Creature and the Eastern creature, as explained, along with reference to some skeletal material, in Observations on Bigfoot Observations.

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