Sunday, December 11, 2011

For Our New Readers: The famous Erickson Project story from Maple Ridge News

New Footage: Bigfoot crossing in Motley, MN

FB/FB: The Aquatic ape theory - Sasquatch - Human

The Erickson Project cracking down on leakers, does not want you to know Matilda was pregnant at time of filming

Finding Bigfoot Host, Cliff Barackman, Details His Bluff Creek Solo Adventure

The Afterbirth of a Legend - Part 2 - Solo at Bluff Creek

Lon Strickler presents two creature encounter reports, one of which may have been linked to a UFO sighting, that the author of the reports associates with words from the Holy Bible. The possible UFO linked event is related by author CK Quarterman from his soon to be released book Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & The New World Order, and the second event, also from Quarterman's book, involved a Bigfoot sighting that occurred near Quarterman's encounter with what he terms a "Nephilim." Strickler has also collected two reports on research regarding alleged Sasquatch samples with the first report found in Recent 'Leaked' Bigfoot DNA Information and immediately followed by UPDATE: Recent 'Leaked' Bigfoot DNA Information From 'Flawed' Test. The DNA testing in question is part of what is known as the Erickson Project, and noted author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman admits things have gotten so convoluted with the project he's seeking anyone with a working thesis about what's really happening with the venture, as he describes in The Erickson Project Is Confusing! Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon collects various reports of bats, including the vampire bat and false vampire bat, as examples of what could be linked to the legendary Goat Sucker of Hispanic lore, then bringing another famous cryptid into the mix with More on ChupaBats, Jersey Devils, False Vampires and Real Chupacabras. And, in a programming note, you can listen online to the archived broadcast of NEAR Skeptics & Believers: Author and Cryptozoologist Glen Vaudrey.

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